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Originally Posted by LucyLennon4me
eh, not for nothing but if this is so I am extremely surprised they would award her FULL custody especially after the porno pictures she did have surfaced. What kind of mom and role model is she going to be to that little girl, running around the world being a slut? sorry but I think it is really bad that she never told Paul about her past and how she changes the truth to suit her needs. she says it was not pornographic because she did not have sex with the models but a hard core german skin mag is pornographic in my opinion.

I wish Paul would get full custody because he is stable, mature and has proven he can raise children well.
yeah and he smoked and probably still smokes a bucket of weed which not only did he grow himself illegally but also smuggled into Japan many years ago like Heathers pictures were taken many years ago, calling her an unfit mother is really sinking low.
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