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Originally Posted by LucyLennon4me
eh, not for nothing but if this is so I am extremely surprised they would award her FULL custody especially after the porno pictures she did have surfaced. What kind of mom and role model is she going to be to that little girl, running around the world being a slut? sorry but I think it is really bad that she never told Paul about her past and how she changes the truth to suit her needs. she says it was not pornographic because she did not have sex with the models but a hard core german skin mag is pornographic in my opinion.

I wish Paul would get full custody because he is stable, mature and has proven he can raise children well.
I totally agree with you, Lucy. Now, considering this comes from just one "source" and that one one of her friends (all her friends are her PR people, apparently, or is it the other way around?), I am inclined to disbelieve that a custody decision has been reached this quickly.

BTW, here's an article that disputes the "she did not have sex with the models" argument...I think personally that it's just a matter of time until the hardcore porn films surface... Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if you searched hard enough for them on the net, you'd come up with something...,,2-2006260282,00.html

Porn pal to tell of romp

Trouble at Mills ... Heather and
co-star - before 'doing it for real'

Showbiz Editor

LADY Mucca's partner in porn is set to tell the world they had passionate
sex over and over again after the cameras stopped clicking.

The curly-haired male model is hoping to bag thousands of pounds by selling
his story of how he did it for real with Heather Mills.

His move will heap yet more shame on Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife -
mother of his two-year-old daughter Beatrice.

Yesterday it emerged her divorce settlement from the former Beatle could be

Lawyers for 63-year-old Paul are bound to cite her pornographic past as
grounds for his payout - until now estimated at 200million - to be reduced.

Heather, 38, suffered a THIRD knock as it was revealed top shelf men's
magazines are preparing to publish some of the filthiest images from her
photo shoot with the male model.

She is already reeling after The Sun's world exclusive on Monday, in which
we told how she "starred" in a German hard core porn book in 1988.

Heather has insisted the book was merely a Lovers' Guide-style self-help
manual for partners.

But the pictures have no accompanying words - and her claims have been
widely ridiculed. An angry-looking Heather turned up at Paul's country
spread in Peasmarsh, East Sussex, yesterday - accompanied by her lawyer.

It was the first time she has shown her face since the scandal broke. Paul
was not there. He was at his home in St John's Wood, North London.

Heather, who drove up in a black Mercedes 4x4, stayed less than 15 minutes
before speeding away - apparently in a rage.

An onlooker said: "Heather drove right up to the farmhouse. She left in a
right state."

Heather is in talks to do a warts-and-all interview about her split from
Paul - on AMERICAN TV.

She has told CNN host Larry King she is desperate to tell her side of the
story. Heather has been approached by a string of British TV journalists
including Sir Trevor McDonald. But she favours King as she has often
appeared on his show - and believes she will get softer treatment in the

She also hopes to develop her career across the Atlantic.

A US TV source said: "Larry King will devote a whole hour to her story and
she feels she will get a smoother ride.

"She has done at least three interviews with him in the last 18 months and
feels comfortable.

"She is desperate to get her side of the story over before her divorce
settlement, which is bound to include a confidentiality clause.

"Heather thinks she will get a fairer hearing in the US, where she intends
to develop her career and remain a media personality and animal rights
campaigner." Heather, who has repeatedly denied being a gold-digger, would
not pocket a penny.
American TV rules ban news outlets like CNN from paying for interviews.

Passers-by quizzed by The Sun on Britain's streets yesterday were united in
believing Heather's photo shoot was pornographic, NOT educational.

Shown pages of the German book, called The Joys of Love, catering worker
Madeline Johnson said: "It's just too rude to be a guide - the pictures show
everything." Madeline, 30, of Clapton, East London, added: "It would have
some sort of text if it was meant to be educational. It's definitely porn."

Journalist Ruth Lumley, 26, of Brighton, said: "Blimey, I've never come
across a 'sex education' book that has whipped cream in it."

Facilities manager John Bertram, 52, of Manchester, said: "It would need
more text and less in the way of edible undies and thongs. In this situation
Heather is definitely a porn star."

Printer Andrew Love, 42, of Basildon, Essex, declared the book "fairly hard

And engineer Stuart Lye, 31, of Chingford, Essex, said: "After ten pages
it's clear you're not going to learn much with all these whips and things."
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