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Here is an article. With a named source. Of course, given that it's supposedly Heather's PR person (whose name I have never heard), I still take it with a grain of salt.


2006-06-07 08:57:58 -

LATEST: SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's estranged wife HEATHER MILLS has won sole custody of the couple's daughter BEATRICE.
The model-turned-activist's US spokeswoman MICHELE ELYZABETH has revealed the news to American TV show EXTRA.
Elyzabeth, who went public with her thoughts about the split and the press attacks on her client, claims Mills went to court on Friday (02JUN06) in London and received an order granting her full custody, with Sir Paul receiving visitation rights.
McCartney and Mills married in June 2002. Their daughter was born in October 2003.
The couple announced their split last month (MAY06).
Last week (ends02JUN06), McCartney blasted UK reports suggesting his baby daughter would live with him following his divorce.
Writing on his website, the former BEATLE said, "I continue to be dismayed by the inaccuracies in the media. We both agreed to work at all times in Beatrice's best interests."
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