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Originally Posted by 834 View Post
That's me these days. I am lucky to have all the space I need and then some to download everything. So, how do you know if the most recent version is more of same unless you download it and give it a listen? The endless search for the best version of each demo/outtake, etc., and I have to say, I like the "Back to Basics" series better than the Silent Sea, Pear, etc. versions. The technology is getting more sophisticated all the time and maybe I'm brainwashing myself, but some of these new releases are super.

Downloading and listening is generally how I do it if the notes are ambiguous; I won't always do it though, many times I'll just pass it up and assume the versions are the same. I just don't have the time to listen to the same thing over and over with possibly some very minor differences in sound. Personally I think newer technology is turning to shit which is why I prefer going back to vinyl. But since I cannot acquire most of these in vinyl, I'll go with a decent lossless copy or even settle with MP3 if that's all I can find. Some of these compilations really are more convenient than others, such as Lazy Tortoise, they might be the best for live material. "Back to the Basics" is nice if you are strictly looking for outtakes, but Purple Chick is probably a more definitive collection than these unless you have a fear of some potentially MP3 sourced tracks. I'm glad that these releases are working for you though and will hold out long enough until the nest best thing arrives.
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