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Default RIP Magill March 16, 1963 - January 2, 2019

I have learned that my ex-wife, Nancy Lilly, known here as Magill (and later as CaliLilly) has died.

It was here on this forum, through the use of private messages, that our relationship started to take shape. We spent the better part of two and a half years using PMs and phone calls to learn about each other and eventually set up a face to face meeting. She flew out from California to New York City and we met at her hotel in Times Square. We both felt a connection and a year later we married.

We were together as a couple for 6 years. Our relationship slowed down and eventually failed altogether after we moved to the Los Angeles area. I remember her telling me that we should separate, and gave her explanation. I agreed and we mutually decided on a date for me to return to NY. Effectively at that point our marriage was over.

Upon returning to NY I was unemployed for a time and was diagnosed with cancer. After my operation and recovery I was again employed and had the money to file for a divorce. In the process of filing I called Nancy, and we discussed the terms and details of our divorce. I said she sounded healthy and wished her well. Our final decree was issued on May 21, 2014, about 6 months before our 10th anniversary.

As I write this, Nancy has been gone for about 48 hours. I have a sense of emptiness. The part of my life that she was, has been removed from me. Through our separation period and later divorce I wished her no harm or ill will. I made sure to tell her that I don't hate her, and I mentioned that to her several time during the divorce proceedings. Now after her passing, I still don't hate her, nor do I wish her any harm or ill will. To do so would have no purpose.

A Final Goodbye my ex-wife, be at peace in your eternal rest.
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