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Minkin: Iím not going to ask that. I just want to ask if whether itís something that you would like to happen in your life again. Just to work with John and Paul and George, whether itís one day or one week.

Starr: I could enjoy that. But you see, for that one day youíd have to give up six months of your life. And I canít see the four of us being prepared to do that in the near future. I have no qualms about playing with the other three. Theyíre good players. Iím a good player. We had a good band. We can play if we want to, but I donít want to. I donít know about them, but I donít want to.

Minkin: Does it surprise you that The Beatles just donít ever die? That itís as strong today as it was 10 years ago?

Starr: Listen, theyíre still selling more records than I am. You see, including ourselves separately, none of us have really done anything as good as that.

Minkin: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Starr: Yeah. There was five of us in the whole. The four of us plus whatever else was going down. Even for kids who werenít around at the time the legend is being spread around by the grownups. Saying, ĎOh, you should have heard them.í The English Sunday Times did a survey with ten-year-olds and one of the kids said, íTheyíre all dead arenít they?í Another kid said, íDidnít they used to be Paulís backup band?í Another one said, ĎI think me dad knows them.í

Minkin: Iíve got new one for you. This is true because a friend of mine overheard an eight-year-old say it. They asked her if she knew The Beatles and she said, ĎNo, I donít like classical music.í

Starr: Wow. Thatís a new one. Theyíll never rest. Theyíre always there. And the music they did was very good and so does ours. But sometimes it gets in the way of our individual lives. At the same time you have to say that it lets us be individual like this. We can do whatever we want to do because of that madness that went down. I donít have to play little clubs anymore. I can stay in the south of France if I want. I donít miss a bus. I can get my own bus if I want to go on a bus, you know. It gave us a lot but we lost a lot.

Minkin: It must be a good feeling to know that you were a part of a contribution like that.

Starr: Iíve always been pleased I was part of that situation. Somedays I just want to be me. But Iím me and part of that. Iím used to it now. Iím used to it now.

Minkin: Thank you, Ringo.

Starr: Thank you.


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