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Originally Posted By HeyBeatle:
Last I checked listening to an artist's music or viewing their art didn't require that you live by their example. I mean I like Van Gogh's art but I haven't cut off my ear and I don't intend to.


Y'know, when I first read that long and winding post, I thought of saying something witty and slightly cheeky, like "I've got no reply to this, 'cept for what I just typed, of course." However, the comment above from HeyBeatle says it better than I ever could.

BTW, as I type this, I just heard a disc jockey ask a caller to a radio station if she was a Beatles fan. Her reply: "Hell, yeah!" Hmmm, a sign, y'think? [img]graemlins/wink3.gif[/img]
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