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Originally Posted by larainefan View Post
I've thought long and hard how to respond to this. When I said George was a free spirit, I meant it.
larainefan, your insights are really interesting to read. Thanks so much for sharing those thoughts. I'll be thinking about them today and rolling them over in my mind.

I'm not given to believe the tabloids about George being promiscuous in his years with Olivia. I know of situation/s he could have been and was not, through the grapevine. As I read Olivia's words, they had a hiccup, and then it resolved. She didn't say he was a serial polyamour, or whatever it's called.

Also...... I know someone who stayed with George and Olivia at Friar Park.... and he was really cool and VERY insightful and smart. He said their marriage was one everyone should aspire to. He said they spoke lovingly to one another, and there was a spiritual and calm presence all around them. So, I believe his first hand account. I haven't read anything to change my opinion there.

No matter what the film holds, I think we'll all love George even more after seeing it.
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