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I am not arrogant and never was. People have made that self same statement about you, FPSHOT, but I never bought it. Again, I say each person has their own way of expressing their thoughts and it is unfortunate whenever anyone is misconstrued.

Now, I'd rather smell a dead duck than apologize which is one thing I really hate to do. I actually did offer one if you go back and read my previous post. People did rush to your defense. Well and good.

My statement about cultural perspectives had nothing to do with the word slut. My statement was meant as a blanket statement that each one of us comes from a different background and that each person interprets things in their individual way. Without someone clarifying, that can cause for misunderstandings. The last thing I want is for people to come down hard on anyone and unfortunately that does happen sometimes.

FPSHOT, that is what I mean about interpretation. I am not making excuses; I honestly thought I was extending an olive branch by giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. I do know that people come from different backgrounds and bring different cultural perspectives to the table.
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