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Default Dear John: why so beautiful? (A picspam)

I decided to create this picspam for John because I was inspired by some lovely posts in this very forum.

I don't think John, who is acknowledged for a lot of things, is often given enough recognition for the fact that he was quite an astonishingly handsome man. In fact, I think he's now become the Handsome Beatle in my eyes. Quite an achievement, because I still hold George Harrison as high on the looks scale as I did when I was 5 years old and declared him my favorite. But John has now taken that spot and it happened slowly and gracefully in a most subtle and unbelievable way.

Yoko Ono once said:

"In person, John was a much more attractive man than the one you saw in photos and films. He had very fair, delicate skin and soft, sandy hair with a touch of red in it when the light hit a certain way."
Well, I never had the advantage of seeing John in person, so my feelings have only photos to back them. In that regard, John's looks are quite underrated because he possessed so many other dynamic qualities that seemed to overshadow them.

I think John himself most likely didn't even see it. So, my friends, I present my first-ever picspam that will be entirely based around beautiful pictures of John Lennon. I understand the complete and utter shallowness of such a project and I don't care.

Please share as many pictures as you want on the matter...and I'm not a sexist so perhaps those men who feel uncomfortable with this can open up and participate as they see fit. Thanks.
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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