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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post

Because of a few remarks from the press George now is labeled at BeatleLinks as a womaniser and a slut who would grab any woman he came across which seems to be a normal acceptence and the way to remember him, well I just do not like that approach by people of which I thought they were George people, but I am glad to only see that happen here and nowhere else which is good for the Harrisons but bad for the reputation of BeatleLinks and a disgrace of how some people here see the life of George.
This is just not true. The posting of a few articles which are currently in the press and a few comments on these articles does not mean that Beatlelinks has given George a label of anything. It simply means that some members here are interested in discussing news that is currently in the public domain....whether it is old news or what have you. Because there have been some replies to a thread about George and his relationships with women does not mean anything beyond that. It's not even a matter of listing or talking about faults or anything....well, not to me anyway. I'm not interested in doing that.

If one of these articles was posted on these other Harrison places you refer to, would it be deleted or something? That would seem a bit of an over reaction, would it not? I think including these articles and allowing discussion on the topic isn't disrespectful.

This seems like you're trying to say you have more love or respect for George than anyone else here. I know you love him and honour him - of course you do and I don't deny that. But it is possible that some of us honour and love him as much as you do even if we have entered into a discussion of what is being published over here in the press at the moment.

Honestly - I said it before - this is not about a thread to rip George up and call him anything. It was just started because it is what is current!!!!!!
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