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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post
I said so and not only about that, but if you allow people to say so and possible agree on that yes then we have a different view how to respect George and what George's life was.

Otherwise I have no interest in participating here unless I find George is being treated without any respect like now, again and you allow it.
ALLOW people to say?! Good Grief! This is not a censorship here. There is no reason to act a fool and jump on people for responding to things they have read. Isn't that the issue here - aren't you responding to things you have read and reacting adversely?

Look, the PRESS has posted all kinds of things. Some we like. Some we dislike. We tend to like what we agree with and dislike what we disagree with. That's the nature of the ballgame.

FPSHOT, I feel people here have been very respectful of George. The man was human and would not want us resorting to hagiography, that is cannonizing him in biographies. John also was against that sort of thing.

Since most of us here did not know George personally, we as people are expressing opinions. FPSHOT, it is your right to disagree or agree, but please do recognize that everybody including you is entitled to have opinions.
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