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thanks for checking - no I do not see it listed in the index either. some folks suggested it was "throbber" cause he said that in one of his letters to her, but that is more of a "condition" then a pet name.
As far as the all my loving.... wrote:
> The paperback version must be abridged because she definitely wrote sin
> the HC cover version that "All My Loving" was written by John for her.
> It's on the right-hand page just after the photos. I don't have the
> book with me so I don't know the page but it's definitely in there.
> I've read the book twice.

Well it is the first edition paperback that just came out 8/1/06. I
looked where you said and all it says is "In those days it wasn't
really done to publicly dedicate songs to those you loved, but I know,
and John told me, that many of his songs were for me. He and Paul wrote
from their own experience,and I was so much a part of John's life that
I also became part of the fabric of his writing. It was simply
understood that his loves songs were our songs"
No mention of All My
Loving, no reference in the index, and nowhere inside or outside of the
book does it say Abridged or unabridged.

The above in quotes is what my book says on page 117. Perhaps the publisher corrected it?
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