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Default Question about Cyn's book JOHN


can anyone shed some light for me?

I recently bought the paperback edition of Cynthina's book John, and I think something is wrong. On the book description says it is 320 pages.
My book is 306 pages with the index, 320 if you count all the forwards and introductions and stuff. BUT - here is the problem - a lot of folks have said Cyn refers to ALL MY LOVING song as written for her, but I am already up to chapter 15 where they go to india and I have not seen any mention of the song in the book yet. I think the song came out before Sgt. Pepper so what happened? Also in a review of the book on a website somewhere someone wrote they liked the book but they "could have done without knowing John's name for a certain part of his anatomy" which I thought might be a reference to a pet name John had for his penis. Most men have one. but again no mention so far. I looked to see if I had an abridged version of the book but all it says is first edition paperback. What's the deal? did I get ripped off?? Short sheeted? Is this the whole book?? I bought it new at Barnes and Noble in person so I am confused. If any one knows what page or chapter the all my loving passage is in or the nickname please let me know.

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