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Default Re: News Coverage of George\'s Death

Readers reflect on George Harrison

Letters from community offer thanks, praise


Nov. 30 — Reflecting on the life of the Beatles’ lead guitarist, readers offer remembrances of their own childhoods, as well as words of praise and thanks for George Harrison’s gifts. Hundreds have written in to say “George, you will be missed.” Read a sample below, and send us your own thoughts.

“The guitars of the world gently weep. ... We thank God for lending us George.”
— Alex, location unknown

“Of all the Beatles, he was my favorite. He had a style all his own, and what drew me to him was the calm aura that circled him when he performed. Even though he was on stage with three other people, it seemed like he was there by himself. Being in the limelight was not his style, a trait I truly admired in George. He will be missed, and my deepest condolences to his family.”
— Diane, New York

“When I first saw Harrison on TV in the 60’s, I started dancing around the room, saying, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m in love.’ My father came in and said, ‘Get that trash off!’ I never stopped listening to his music. I’m very sad over his death and he will be missed dearly.”
— Starr, Ohio

“I pray that his message of love and understanding reaches our populace. He was truly inspiring.”
— Rino, Canada

“I remember picking up my first guitar back in 1966 and thinking, ‘If I could only play like George, then that would truly be something to be proud of.’ I still feel the same way. ... And later, when Bangladesh first showed up, I was stunned that a celebrity of his stature from England could even give a damn about suffering in a place I had only heard about through the papers. He was a very sensitive sort of guy that made it okay to be sensitive for a whole pile of us guys that thought the male gender started with John Wayne and ended with Archie Bunker.”
— Richard, California

“He wasn’t the most talented of the Beatles, but he was my favorite. I can understand the quiet and the reserved side of him, because I have the same feelings from time to time.”
— David, Connecticut

“George was about love and caring for others. Just listen to his songs!”
—Fred, Georgia

“I remember hearing them sing for the first time. I had just gotten home from school, and my sister and I just sat there listening and saying that these guys will really go far in this business. Boy, were we right! I remember there was this gum packet with cards with the faces of the Beatles on them. I kept opening packs of them until I had one of George — he was the one that I fell in love with.”
—Sharon, South Carolina

“‘Guitar’ George was the only Beatle who was capable of bringing the other three Beatles together. With his passing we will definitely never ever see a band so great again. God bless his soul.”
— Vasu, India

“I am 42 and grew up with the Beatles. I am truly sad and will miss George. I will continue to be one of his fans and listen to his music for the rest of my life.”
— Keith, Michigan

“When I was a teenager, the Beatles were my WORLD. I lived and breathed the group, and as I got older, I realized that they were the most talented and devoted musicians I had ever — or would ever hear. I still play their records (CDs now) and am a devoted fan to this day and will be to my grave. I was saddened by John’s murder, but even sadder that George is now gone. He leaves a legacy of music and spiritual inspiration behind that NO ONE will ever match, much less top.”
—Maxy, Louisiana

“I’ll miss him, but he will live forever in his songs.”
— Peter, The Netherlands

“I remember when the Beatles first came on the Ed Sullivan show: It was like George was the rock, the pivoting point which the rest of the band formed around. His guitar playing was the basis of all the good sounds that came from the Beatles. It is really a sad time, to see something so good for us gone.”
— Vicki, Iowa

“Thank you for all you have given us. Rest in peace.”
— R.K., New York

“George Harrison gave me peace in my mind with his beautiful music. It soothed my soul and helped me get through rough times I was having in my life. The way he spoke, ‘Give me Love, give me peace earth,’ I knew just how he felt. He will always be missed and live on in his music in the hearts of his fans forever!!”
— Danielle, Pennsylvania

“The world has lost a peace-man, a great musician, a great leader. ... But we will be grateful for his giving us much love and wisdom. Rest in peace, George.”
— Gonzalo, Chile

“I was only 16 and in London on vacation in 1971 when I heard of the Concert for Bangladesh. The concert and reason for the concert had a profound effect on my life. It made me feel that there was hope for the world.”
— Jan, Maryland

“In the early 70’s, KPFT, the Pacifica Radio station in Houston, was bombed off the air by a leader of the Ku Klux Klan. When KPFT returned to the air several months later, an announcer said, ‘This is KPFT, 90.1 FM.’ There was a moment of silence, and then those wonderful opening guitar notes as they played ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by George Harrison. It was such an appropriate song for the occasion and I still get chills every time I hear it. It always takes me back to that moment.”
—Mark, Texas

“The music was playing, when I heard you had died.
Your love gave us all a lot of pride.
Your smiles, your jokes and all your fun.
Reminds us that you will always be that No. 1.
Far away theres a better place
as your music plays on
we haven’t forgotten your face.”
— Ollie, Australia

God bless George Harrison!!! May he rest in peace, and we will never forget this wonderful man. Bless his loving heart and soul ....”
— Teresa, St. Louis

“George was the most profound Beatle. He might not have written as many songs as Paul and John, but what he did write made you think, made you cry, made you love.”
— Charlie, New York

“George Harrison is a working class hero.”
— Noe, the Philippines

“When I was about eight years old, my sister and three neighbor girls (and I) used to rotate being the Beatles. We would fight over who was going to be George. Don’t get me wrong — the other three were totally hot in our eyes — but there was something so sincere about him that he was the one everyone wanted to portray. I am 45 now and still remember being entranced like everyone else over the Beatles. My deepest sympathy to your family, George Harrison, and to all of your fans. Godspeed!”
— Jeanine, Iowa

“It was in his stillness that George spoke most clearly. He had a wonderful essence about him. His music was truly devotional and prolific. I remember my first pair of Beatles boots as a youth and our neighborhood air guitar band — I always felt I was George in the band. The quiet one who made all the difference. The foundation and heart of the band. I will miss him as I miss John. He is at peace now, and I thank him for his art and influence in my life. Thank you George, you are home now.”
— Michael, Michigan
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