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Default Driving USA Articles

I decided to post this new thread where the articles reguarding Paul's tour can be posted... I know they will be so many, so, better to put them in just a topic

Let's start!

A Worldy Presence

After A Year Of Transition, Paul McCartney's Effect On Our Lives Has Never Been More Indelible

By Richard Abowitz

The past year has provided ample opportunity for the public to be reminded of Paul McCartney's virtues, which include being good-natured, a humanitarian, a living legend and--to this day--an artist of awesome talents. Of course, the massive success of the Beatles anthology, One, confirmed that group's timeless appeal. Anyone have doubts? But more surprising to some was the Wings anthology that proved Sir Paul's heaven-sent gift for melodies never left him, even if critics of the day sometimes refused to hear it. A lyrics collection also was published that highlighted McCartney's underestimated poetic gifts. Finally, McCartney recently released Driving Rain--his strongest collection of original material in years. So, it is a good time for us to appreciate this man whose rare tours--all shows are sure sell outs--are frankly more a gift to fans, than for any promotion or for McCartney's profit.

Because of the death of George Harrison and Linda McCartney, though he will turn just 60 in June, McCartney has these days the air of a survivor. But he has never let despair of any sort dominate his music. He was among the first to volunteer his talents after Sept. 11 and he became a comforting presence to New Yorkers in the immediate aftermath. It goes without saying this is an unlikely role for a rock star who is not even a United States citizen.

But McCartney is not like anyone else. He was in the Beatles, and just one of the things that must mean is that he has already deeply touched the life of every person--from waiters, to lawyers, to the President--he will ever meet. Who is going to be unmoved by meeting the author of "Yesterday"? Who? It is a responsibility that McCartney has always handled with admirable grace while continuing to maintain a private life and still remain a creative artist and working musician.

On Driving Rain, some of the new songs like "Lover to a Friend" manage to show McCartney's special vulnerability in a way that has not always been true of his post-Beatles music. Also on Driving Rain, McCartney pulls off some fantastic base-playing and makes plenty of joyful noise. But as good as the new music is, audiences are going to hear McCartney sing the songs that changed their lives, and he obliges, since he has always been as much a showman as an artist.

Critics are frequently accused of being negative, and the reason is that it is much easier to come up with a clever put-down than interesting praise. So, while it sounds foolish and uncritical to say it, the truth is that McCartney is one of the few artists who can't be appreciated or praised enough. If you have a ticket, just take a moment during the show, to appreciate, and I mean truly appreciate, just how lucky you are to be basking in McCartney's performance. Can you imagine what your life would be like without his songs? I can't.

"Because there wasn't any reason left to keep it all inside"
- Paul McCartney, 1982
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