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Originally Posted by ABCKO View Post
Paul once said about his instrunment playing, I tend to think about his vocal talents, he's not and incredibly good singer (i.e. a la Orbison whom you'd pay to hear him sign out the telephone book, acapella) but he's very versatile.

Just as good belting out an "I'm down" or "Oh Darling" as he is on softer songs like the intro of "Carry that weight", or falsetto "Girlfriend"... still waiting for him to a rap song (LOL).

That is very inaccurate and ridiculous.

Here are just a few of the many diverse examples of what a great voice and great singer Paul once was.

Here he sings great,the best song,arrow Through Me he wrote on Wings last album Back To The Egg in 1979

Paul McCartney and wings 1985 One Hand Clapping 1974 TV special Paul amazingly sings this great piano rocker live, from the very good Band On The Run album

Here Paul does his great rocking voice as The Beatles perform his great rocking song,I'm Down at the Ed Sullivan Theater August 14,1965 just one night before their Shea stadium concert August 15th.

Here is their Shea Stadium performance the next night,

Here The Beatles play the cover song,Kansas City and Paul does a great rock vocal performance as usual.

Here they play Paul's rocking great song I Saw Her Standing There and once again Paul sings great,

Here is Paul and Wings great performance of Paul's beautiful song Bluebird from Wings 1976 tour.The version on The Band On The Run album is very good,but this live version is so great!

Here he plays acoustic guitar great, and sings great Yesterday live from Wings 1976 concert.

Here is his 1973 video performance of his great love song for Linda My Love and he sings any style great like love songs including his great rockers and everything in between

'Here is the full great 1975 Wings Over Austraila concert.


Here he sings great, his 1984 hit No More Lonely Nights
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