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Like Zimmerman said, I too think Paul seems to be trying too hard, and too often, to sound "modern", going out of his way to force himself out of his "zone of comfort", ect...

He also seems to hace lost a bit of his composing and musical touch and direction, ever since he lost his muse... almost twenty years ago now.

The last album he did that I really liked was "Flaming Pie", and even that was pieced together from songs and sessions over a three or four year period...

... so the last true "album" that I really liked from him was "Off the ground", and he didn't exactly release that "yesterday"

Heck, my favorite tracks of his, since "Flaming Pie" are probably "Partial to your abracadabra" and "Heel the pain"... two covers...

Hard to believe, and it's a matter of taste, but, for my liking, Ringo's actually had a better output since 1997 than Paul had

Both "Vertical man" and "Ringorama" were very good, almost down to the last tracks and even "Choose love" and "I wanna be santa claus" had a few songs well worth replaying...

... where as, again, for me, "Run Devil Run", nope, a few songs on "Driving rain", one or two on "Chaos"... and nothing that I can think of since... and that's ten years and a few CD's ago

... just get in there and rip out a plain old basic rock n' roll album !
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