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Originally Posted by Serena View Post
As someone who has dealt with thousands of files in both lossless and lossy formats, I am well aware of that software out there to makes these files available and transferable. But I speak on behalf of people who just wants to have some unreleased material at the quickest convenience and are not necessarily interested in the highest quality available, despite whatever easily accessed programs there are. It is respectably their choice to use what they like and I am willing to accommodate for them and for myself.
And for every person that is like you, there are at least one like me.

When I started out on this hobby years ago, it would have been nice if there had been someone like me to point out the fact that there are differences in quality of the various files and that to burn an "album" made up of mp3's to a CD was just a waste of my hard earned money, not to mention the time I spent downloading lossy files when I could have been downloading lossless ones.

Maybe the masses are not that interested in quality, but us hard core fan/collectors are.
Heck, if you're concerrned with file size, and your fans don't care what they download, why not just upload the minimum kbps mp3 files that you can create? What would that be, 16 kbps?
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