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Originally Posted by dmpc View Post
You've obviously never used software to burn losslessy. Or you have a computer that is ten years old?

On my pc, the programs FLAC, Burn4Free, and EAC take up 0.98, 2.65 and 10.0 MB, respectively.

On the other hand, iTunes, which is probably a program many use to play mp3's, takes up 112 MB, almost 10 times the space that those "cluttering" programs required to burn lossless discs occupy.
As someone who has dealt with thousands of files in both lossless and lossy formats, I am well aware of that software out there to makes these files available and transferable. But I speak on behalf of people who just wants to have some unreleased material at the quickest convenience and are not necessarily interested in the highest quality available, despite whatever easily accessed programs there are. It is respectably their choice to use what they like and I am willing to accommodate for them and for myself.
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