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Originally Posted by Snoopy66 View Post
I read several times that John and Linda get along very well and that John was Linda's favourite Beatle. But I don't believe the story of GG that they had an affair behind Paul's back either. I just found it a funny passage of the book

Though, I read that Linda has tried to get closer to John first, but had no chance as John only had eyes for Yoko then. So she turned then to Paul. This I believe could be true. It would also explains why Linda didn't like Yoko, just because she was jealous that she got John.

I seriously don't think she tried to"get close" in the manner being insinuated fact this entire story was "told" to GG from that always reliable source Jojo Laine. Seems that she and John had an "encounter" one afternoon
...they'd supposedly ran into each other on the streets of NYC and of course Jojo being the "desirable and I know it type", she managed to score a Lennon slam-dunk in her bed. Of course post coital conversation ensued and of course things got round to the subject of Paul and Linda. It was during this conversation that our reliable source Jo says that John spilled the beans bout a shagging good morning he had with Linda. Seems John paid a visit to Paul's London home and though he wasn't there, Linda was, dutifully making the beds and doddering about her daily routine. John (according to Jo) had been kinda curious about Linder and wanted to see what she would do if he made a pass at her, so he did, she accepted then badaboom-BOOM, next thing ya know they're doing the you know what in you know who's bed. It was only that one time of course and of course Jojo Laine via GG is a totally reliable source, right? RIGHT.
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