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In addition, about The National Law Party:

(this - partly because of copyright - comes from a Biography about the Maharishi)

On 1 April 1992 George announced his intention to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, in a benefit concert for a new political party, the Natural Law Party. At the inspiration of the Maharishi, the Natural Law Party was to field over 300 candidates in the British General Election. Few would be able to remain ignorant of this new political force, as the Natural Law Party's manifesto had been dropped through letter boxes across the land. George's involvement seems to have been spurred by his attendance at a lecture on Ayur-Ved by Dr Deepak Chopra some weeks earlier in London. When he was approached to lend his support to the campaign he unhesitatingly agreed and set about rehearsing. He was obviously still prepared to stand up and be counted as one of the Maharishi's meditators, but did he seriously believe that the practice of meditation automatically endowed practitioners with the ability to govern others?

"I believe this Party offers the only option to get out of our problems and create the beautiful nation we would all like to have. The General Election should be a celebration of democracy and our right to vote. The Natural Law Party is turning this election into a wonderful, national celebration and I am with them all the way"

His appearance, billed as his first UK show since leaving The Beatles, proved hugely successful for his reputation and for the meditators. Before the concert he announced:

"I still practice Transcendental Meditation and I think it's great. Maharishi only ever did good for us, and although I have not been with him physically, I never left him"

The Party had approached George Harrison to become a candidate, but he was unwilling to go that far.
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