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Default George and the Maharishi

Here is a very nice Newsletter dating December 11, 2001, from the Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace in Great Britain

It is very nice and amongst others refers to a visit George did a few years nefore that to the Quarters of the Maharishi is here in The Netherlands, where he is already situated form many years.

Newsletters Archive - 2001

11 December 2001

Tribute to George Harrison
Subject: Tribute to George Harrison on the global Maharishi Channel, 6 December 2001
This morning on the Maharishi Channel global satellite TV network, Dr Bevan Morris, Minister of Enlightenment in Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, gave the following beautiful tribute to George Harrison, a beloved friend of Maharishi's Movement all around the world.

In recent days, a very famous and brilliant musician, George Harrison, has left the world. George has been associated with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in people's minds for over 30 years since he went to Rishikesh to be with Maharishi in 1968.

With the great outpouring of respect for George Harrison, and his spiritual quality of life, that has happened all around the world in a very moving way in the past week, have come repeatedly the images of George with Maharishi and George in Rishikesh. There is just a very tender feeling of the world towards the devotion that George had towards the great Vedic wisdom of life that Maharishi had given to him all of those years ago in Rishikesh, in Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of the Ganges.

George's association with Maharishi continued even into recent years. He visited Maharishi in Vlodrop in Holland a few years back, and with great respect and tenderness met Maharishi only briefly because he didn't feel he could take up much of Maharishi's time. It was very sweet to see his humility, that even though he so deeply appreciated the value of being in Maharishi's presence, and having the chance to talk to him and receive his blessings, he knew very well that Maharishi had a thousand things to do every day for world consciousness, morning to night.

George was a very fine, spiritual, humble, enlightened man. He also had performed a beautiful concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the Natural Law Party of Great Britain back in 1992. He created a great wave of publicity for the deep knowledge of Natural Law and the Unified Field of Natural Law.

So, for all his contributions to world consciousness, we really feel waves of love and gratitude to him, and we wish that the whole world may follow his good example to look within to find the infinite love that Maharishi explained to him is the reality of every human being.

The whole world should have the chance to unfold that, as he knew it so well. When I first went to Rishkesh in 1969, one year after George was there, I was told by the leaders of Maharishi's academy there that George Harrison was the one who knew all the seven states of consciousness, so beautifully. He could describe, as Maharishi described, very precisely, all the seven states of consciousness. He had a very good understanding of Maharishi's most profound Vedic teaching to the world.

So, let us hope that the whole world moves in that beautiful inner direction, that spiritual direction of life. The spiritual value of life is just Transcendental Consciousness, it is just the Unified Field, it is just the Self of everyone. And it is the birth right of every human being to experience that inner reality. Every human being on earth should know and experience that the inner reality of their life is just infinite bliss, and in that ocean of bliss, the whole universe has emerged, is sustained, and it returns to that.

This is the reality that Maharishi has been whispering to the world since the early 1950s on the basis of the inspiration of his master, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagad Guru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math in the Himalayas. This is the precious wisdom that every human being on earth needs, and every student needs in their education to live the life of infinite bliss, which is indeed their birthright. - Dr Bevan Morris END

Thanks ABCKO
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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