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Default Re: Heather Mills a liar and a cheat!.

Yes, I understand, Magill, you care for him. But all of us have heard she is a gold digger, Paul has to have heard all this as well. He couldn't have not addressed this. And Lord, you don't think the kids told him, too- I can't even imagine what they said. Paul is too rich to be taken to the cleaners. Half of a billion is still half a billion, more than enough to live on.

The thing is, I do hear people say they don't want him taken to the cleaners and such, but it's too late to stop that! they are already married and she did or didn't have a pre-nup. I think Paul said in an interview though that he took steps to make sure there is no way his kids can be deprived if he and Heather don't make it. Even if they divorced, we both know Paul is not going to be cheating on her, so he would have to divorce her. There is no court that will be on Heather Mill's side.

I think if people really care for Paul's happiness, they will slow down trying to drive a wedge between Paul and Heather and will stop driving home issues that are too late to do anything about. That's the real issue, it's too late! If Paul is unhappy, he might even go longer in the marriage than he would have just to prove everyone wrong.

Maybe she was a gold digger before, maybe she was an awful person before, I think she has admitted that, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt that she has changed. It has to be left in Paul's hands. The only result of all this Heather stuff will be to make Paul unhappy. It won't change any money pay-outs, that has already been decided. There's something there beteen them that just has to be respected. We have to trust Paul- we have to do what he says and support him. He's happy now, that's all that really matters.

Paul is not an idiot, and hopefully, we can get some good songs out of it all before it's over. I liked Linda alot, but I don't want Paul to mourn her forever and neither would Linda. The time to act against Heather was BEFORE they got married, not AFTER.

All this does is bring Paul pain.
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