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Default Contest Rules & Prizes

  • You may only post one answer to a question before the contest moderator declares whether or not the question has been answered correctly. If the moderator replies and states that the question has not been answered correctly, then you may post once again.
  • Editing your post in any way, giving multiple answers, or posting twice before the moderator replies will disqualify you for that question.
  • Each question is worth one point, unless the moderator decides to change the value of a certain question. The member with the most points at the end of each month is the winner.
  • You cannot win the contest in two consecutive months. And just in case you're a funny guy, you cannot participate in the contest in the month following a win.

Prizes (Choose One)
  • A free CD of your choice.
  • One free month of our Premium Member service.

Good Luck !!

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