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Ok, here we go back to confuzion *jumps in head first*

Imagine was the song i first fell in love with, since Mr. Hollands opus was what intruduced me with it, Then i fell in love with John Lennon, Then the Beatles Because of While my Gutar..."


But... The video Imagine...,... i was doing a John Lennon powerpoint for my class (it was for a book report, I had to dress up like him and tell him the life story and stuff)
I saw the imagine video, and right there, in the middle of class, i started crying... i don't know why... the video was just so simple, and beautiful, the window shades opening, and espeically the white grand... i WANT IT!!!...
It was embarrissing really, cuz i was in 8th grade at the time, and i had overided the schools computer to get into real player (my teacher didn't mind, i was her favorite and i help with the computer lab and stuff)

But anyway... ahhh memories... Simple jr high school *sighs*

"Imagine All the People, Living Life in Peace." --John Lennon--
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