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Gee Whiz, Misfittoy, are you hinting John was bi-curious? I know he was tolerant of alternative lifestyles considering their fans and Brian. That is shocking.

Hi Beatlebangs,
Wow you know your Beatle stuff. Did George ever state Jane Mansfield felt him up? I think she was born in the 30's, making her around his sister's age. Where did you read that? I'm sure there were moms wanting to make the group their boytoys. There are mature women after Justin Beiber. Somethings never change. Grown men lusted after Annette Funicello of Mickey Mouse Club fame. Thank goodness Walt and her mom were protective of her. Maybe someone can help me, I recall in the 90's on Geraldo, he had the Motown legends on, and he asked one of the female songwriters/singers I think it was Jan Bradley who wrote "Momma Didn't Lie" about being honored the Beatles covered some of her songs. She replied," I was happy, I wouldn't have minded if they covered my", then another singer covered her mouth. I think she wanted to say something racy. That was funny.

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