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Post Canadian Capitol Albums

Hello There;

I live in Montreal Canada and I don't know if anyone is aware of this but there are a couple of differences in the Canadian album releases that sets them apart from the U.S. and U.K. releases!

First of all the first album is called Beatlemania and has the exact same track listing as the British "With The Beatles".

The second Canadian album was called Twist And Shout and had a mostly black and white cover of the Beatles jumping over a rooftop.The track list was similar to the Please Please Me album in the U.K. and the Early Beatles album in the States.

Another interesting note is that Canada had an album called Long Tall Sally
which had a similar track listing to the Beatles Second Album in the U.S.and the exact same cover.

Canada also had the United Artists Hard Days Night.After that everything is pretty uniform with the U.S.

I hope that one day Canadian Capitol Records will see fit to release some of these albums on cd that were unique to Canada.

Thanks for reading!

Carl Balzamo
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