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This is a response I got at another board

Manfred Noland wrote:
> In my hardcover version that I purchased in Canada, Cynthia says that
> starting in the Hamburg days and even more so during the wild and hectic
> gig schedule of the Beatlemaniacal year of 1963, most of the time John
> was on the road she rarely heard from him via telephone and was lucky to
> see John on the telly; most of their correspondence was via the post.
> Cyn says, " ...though John only wrote back one letter for every ten I
> sent.."
> John typically signed the few letters he sent with..
> " All My Lovin'
> John "
> Paul took this as inspiration for the song " All My Loving "
> Cynthia also writes:
> " It was bad enough that John insisted on giving certain parts of my
> anatomy pet names but shortly after our marriage decided to give his
> erection the shameless name of " Little Elvis ".
> He only referred to his penis as " Little Elvis " when it was in an
> erect state which was every damn morning which any woman who has been
> pregnant knows is not exactly a pleasant way to wake up. John loved to
> torment me by insisting I watch " Little Elvis " dance ! I'm sure John
> enjoyed this as I knew all too well he didn't appreciate my lack of
> enthusiasm for morning sex or at any other time of the day that late in
> my pregnancy. If I didn't enjoy it John obviously did judging by his
> fits of maniacal laughter as he flexed his erection in mockery of dance.

I replied Is this quote from the "John" book or the "Twist of Lenon" book?

What chapter of the book is this quote in? I am up to chapter 17 and
have seen nothing like this at all.

Is this even true? Anyone see anything like this in their version?

Now I am REALLY ANNOYED!!!! How many versions of this book did she put out? The UK one. the Canada one, the US one, the paperback one, ALL ARE DIFFERENT??? Are we supposed to buy ALL of them to get her story?

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