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Originally Posted by JudithKristen View Post
I was fortunate enough to meet Chris at the NY Metro Fest and I genuinely liked her.

I think her book is ready to be a film or at LEAST a Movie of the week kinda thingy.

WHAT a life!!!!!

Imagine spending some time sitting at a table having tea with George.

I woulda fallen right off my chair!!!!

I'd like to meet you as well, Judy. I can't wait until your book arrives. I just ordered it last night.

Chris O'Dell's book IS wonderful and she is a truly delightful woman from what I was able to determine.

On the flip side, I wonder whatever became of that tragic figure, Francie Schwartz. She acted such a fool and no doubt Paul certainly does not want to revisit that time in his life. Her book is simply atrocious and is best used for recycling and lining the bottom of bird cages. Puppy training pads would also be a good use for Ms. Francie's book. She appeared to have tabled her life after 1968 and has gone on to act a complete fool on the RMB music boards. I will bet you one of my favorite Beatle songs that she will never be invited to a fest.

I did meet Larry Kane in 2003 and his book, "Ticket to Ride" as well as his interview was just such a treat!
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

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