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Default Re: Why The Beatles?

I don't really know why. My dad had a tape in his car with songs from 1967-70. "Hey Jude" was my favourite and I enjoyed singing along to it. As I got older(or is that grew up) I began to read books about them and I realised there was a whole raft of songs that I hadn't even heard of, let alone listened to. So when I had the money I would buy a CD here, there and everywhere(I had to get that one in). I listened and I realised that these guys were/are magic. Two years ago I only had 1 Beatles album(Sgt.Pepper), now I have all but 3(Please Please Me, With The Beatles and Beatles for Sale). I also started to get into John's solo career big time. They are fantastic and most songs sound great when you listen to them. When you don't listen to a song for ages and then come back to it, it sounds even better. The group always did great even when they were falling apart.(White Album)

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