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Default 045 - February 14

February 14

Evening: Show for the benefit of Mr. Kite.

Performance at the Casanova club, Liverpool. Filmed. Earliest Beatles footage known.

Special Valentine's Day performance at Litherland Town Hall.

Concert at the Locarno Ballroom.

Ringo returns from Brighton to London.

Studio 2. 7:00pm-12:30am. Recording: "Only A Northern Song" (tape reduction take 3 into takes 10-12, overdub onto take 12). Mono mixing: "Only A Northern Song" (remixes 1-3, from take 12). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush.

Clive Epstein receives a letter from John Eastman about Klein's intervention in NEMS.


Live Peace In Toronto, 6th week in the ranking (US Billboard).

"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" covered by Joe Cocker number 29 (Dutch Top 40).

"Come And Get It" by Badfinger number 38 (Dutch Top 40).

US Vice-minister of Justice sends the Judicial Committee's memorandum about John and Yoko to Raymon Farell.

John and Yoko appear as guest-hosts for one week on the "Mike Douglas Show".


US album release: George Harrison (Dark Horse DHK-3255).

US single release: "Blow Away"/"Soft Hearted Hana" (Dark Horse DRC 8763).


Double Fantasy number 1, 8th and last week (US Billboard).
Double Fantasy number 1, 2nd and last (UK British Market Research Bureau).

"Woman" number 1, 2nd and last week (UK British Market Research Bureau).
"Woman" number 1, 2nd week (Irish Singles Chart).

"Imagine" number 15 (Dutch Top 40).

The John Lennon Collection number 1, 5th and last week (Australia Kent Music Report).

London premiere of "Spies Like Us", which Paul's song is featured at the end of the movie.

Paul performs in concert at the Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana ("Get Back Tour").

EMI releases colored vinyl editions of the digitally enhanced albums The Beatles 1962-1966 and The Beatles 1967-1970.

Worldwide radio broadcast of "Real Love" begins.

London newspaper "Sun" reports that two robbers arrested by the police knew of a $150,000 (100,000) plan to assassinate Paul, which was dismissed by a Paul's speaker.

Recording of orchestra overdub for "Beautiful Night" at Abbey Road Studios, London.

At the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, Yoko's art exhibition "Have You Seen The Horizon Lately" is on display.

Stolen reel-to-reel studio recordings by the Beatles were found in Australia. Police recovered the tapes from the band's albums The Beatles and Abbey Road after they were advertised for sale in a Sydney newspaper. Australian police had been tipped off by British detectives from Operation Acetone, an investigation into thefts of original Beatles music from Abbey Road studios in London in the 1960's .

In New York City, the Donald and Mary Oenslager Gallery runs in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, at Lincoln Center. The library exhibition include tour memorabilia, historic film clips, video interviews with musicians, as well as interactive exhibits.

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