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Originally Posted by Rellevart View Post
Just curious, what would you like to see the mods do? I mean, if there aren't any members left who want to post, what can we really do? I would welcome suggestions!
Well, that's just the thing. When I first came to this forum, any time there was a slack time, a mod would step in with a comment or start a new topic or some such. It wasn't left to the average member to start every discussion or keep it going - mods would do their bit too.

I don't know how or where the idea came from that the only job a mod has is to referee members and blow the whistle when a discussion gets too heated or personal. It isn't. Really. At least that's not what a mod do on other forums I'm on. Or been a mod on for that matter. The emphasis was always on us contributing to the forum, not just being the force of the law, so to speak.

I'm not saying mods have to be active on every thread or post every day or even log in every day. There are always perfectly valid reasons for why not. But, several mods on this forum (not you) haven't been seen for months! It's a bit discouraging, you know? It sends the message that the mods don't care about the forum and if they don't then it follows that why should the members do? Obviously we expect the mods to be the real enthusiasts!

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