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I finally rented it. There were a lot of things I already knew (Like the Tie story George martin mentioned), but I never saw footage of his solo years. I was shocked at how he looked and sounded during the George And Friends tour. He looked thin and his voice sounded rough. Was he sick? My husband was baffled over the George/Patty/Eric triangle. He said he wouldn't know what to think if his best friend told him he was in love with me.

I laughed when George mentioned people comparing him to Howard Hughes. I guess because celebrities go out and attract attention to themselves, being a home body like George was considered weird and even stand offish.

I loved the footage in the beginning. George looked like a tiger stalking the jungle. When I saw footage of his garden, I felt a special bond because I have a small garden and I have been reading everything I can about gardening. I get why George loved it so much. It's hard to get depressed when you see things growing that you helped create.
George had totally lost his voice there for awhile on tour-most probably would have cancelled but he felt he had to go on, I guess. I think his real fans appreciated it. He did sound rough though, not like himself at all.

It is funny to me how people thought he was such a quiet oddball type, when this doc shows how many friends and interests he really had, probably far more varied than any of the other B.'s. He was actually very sociable and like to be with his friends.

Yeah, the whole love triangle was always a little weird...but it happened that way often at the time. And George WAS in his own world for a while there, not interested in actual day to day life. Still, I think Eric was a little jealous of George and wanted a part of his life, so he kind of focused on Pattie; it was flattering to her of course, as George was not available to her at the time.
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