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Happy belated birthday, Fly! I hope it was memorable!

Yeah, it's sick to think how much of life John was ripped off. I mean, I remember when Sean was born... and he's almost 40 now. Crazy.

I agree with you about how much times have changed (it was always about selling stuff, but now it's just concentrated into fewer, more greedy hands), and we need his voice and his humor. John would have been such a vital part of the dissent. There's just no one who can communicate like him... his Twitter account alone would have been brilliant.

I always imagine he would have had some sort of internet radio show or podcast or something, playing all his favorite oldies (and some newies that Sean turned him on to), interviewing very eclectic guests, and raising some hell in a laid-back way. And then he'd contribute to The Daily Show and make a scene.

What a friggin' shame...

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