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Default Re: Box set sparks war among Beatles fans

Legs Posted:
joenamherst Posted:
Aren't these two 'experts' in the article making a big deal out of nothing? I didn't see much controversy about the Capitol box set on this website.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well no, a little disapointing isn't it. I thought we would get lots of discusions, lots of fans being enthusastic. I started a review topic, put a lot of thought in it but nothing. I thought at least the U.S. fans were enthusastic about it, I don't see much evidence in here. I know lots of fans will probably get it by Christmas, on one hand a wise descision, it's an expenisive time already and if someone can give it to you it's better. However I don't have anyone buying Beatles stuff for me, and I have bought it months ago already, so by the time Xmas comes I don't really want to discuss the box set anymore.

What we do get is a lot of repetive articles. I can see both sides of the above one. But for that you have to read my review, and I wish more people would tell what they think about the boxset.(before Xmas, I don't want to be served a cold Capitol box).

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Can I borrow your Legs, I'll listen,let you know what I think, then send them back, I have a house to pay for on my own, and I can't afford the luxury of buying them right now... just kidding with you Legs(about borrowing them), I really wish I could participate, other than to say, I wish Capital had released both sets on CD all those years ago!
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