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I'm not a fan of Sean Lennon's music and I also don't like some of his attitudes. However, sometimes, I take a look at his facebook so that I can see what he is doing or if he's fine. One day, he posted on his facebook or instagram - or both - a photo in which he appeared with his nephew, Kyoko's son and Yoko's grandson, and, in the caption of this picture, he refered to the teenager as the "new generation". The little lad was holding a guitar. I know that Sean has a girlfriend named Charlotte, but I don't know so much more information about them. And I can't say if they want to have children in the future. But I wonder if that boy can turn into the manager of John Lennon's estate in the future, if Julian and Sean don't have any children.
I know that it seems absurd, but it is just a conjecture. I've read some news in a forum thread which said that Yoko wanted to share some of the money of John's estate with Kyoko's family too. I can't say that it is true. However, if it is, it will not be so absurd to think that Kyoko or one of her children could administrate the estate in the future.
You could argue that John Lennon had brothers and sisters. David and Robin Lennon are younger than Julian, and I think that at least one of them have children. However, I've never read about any meeting between Julian and Sean, and David and Robin Lennon. And you have to consider that Yoko is the manager of the state. So, it's easier for her to decide who will have control of it in the future. Obviously, I don't know the future. Everything can happen. But I think that, if nothing changes, it will be much easier that Kyoko's children turn into the third generation of managers of the Lennon estate than any of the Lennon siblings.

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