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I am so over "Rudolf," those damn chestnuts and "Sleigh Bells," "Jingle Bells" and that damn jingle horse. I hate "Jingle Bell Rock!" I'm sick of these songs and I don't care if Paul McCartney loves those darn "Chestnuts" and he even said it's his favorite carol, I am sick of it and hate it.

I am no fan of cushion face Mariah Carey and her banshee approach to singing.

Technically, this is not a Christmas song but it gets played AD NAUSEAUM during the holidays. I used to like it. Now I can't stand it. "My favorite Things." Now when I hear it, I want to run away and find a band-aid for my ears. I have come to quite hate it. "brown paper packages tied up with string" sounds like adult rated material in those packages if they're arriving in a plain brown wrapper. Somebody's been nice and naughty THIS Christmas!

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is one that I a) hate b) am sick of and c) find the lyrics problematic. Even when I was a very little girl, it bothered me that crying could cost you a gift "you better not cry." Good luck telling babies that! And I didn't like the part about "he knows if you've been bad or good" - telling kids they are bad is something I find offensive. That sends out a terrible message. I also don't like the part about "he's making a list and checking it twice/gonna find out whose naughty or nice." That sounds like a threat.

"He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake." - talk about a threat!

The J5 do a depressing Christmas song about a plea for an end to poverty and societal ills. Good message, depressing song.
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