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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Saw McCartney last night at Dodger Stadium. Amazing show of course. But nothing new to cross off this list...


Another Girl
Every Little Thing
Hold Me Tight
Honey Pie
Martha My Dear
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Oh! Darling
Rocky Raccoon
Tell Me What You See
What You're Doing
When I'm Sixty-Four
Wild Honey Pie
Might be a fun idea to pass this list on to Paul...

I can so here him saying ''Oh, those are the only ones I've never done live ? ... well, I could see myself doing that one... this one... and, errrr... that one...''

Also, it now strikes me...

Paul was 64 years old, from june 18th 2006, to june 17th 2007... and, other than any possible one-off gigs, he had a couple of shows from his ''Secret tour'' fall during that period... and he never thought of performing the song then ?
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