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Originally Posted by Maia 66 View Post
John and Bettina in 1966:

I was listening to one of the Lost Lennon Tapes episodes in the car the other day, and Tony Sheridan said something interesting that prompted me to do a little research.

We've all heard about the Hamburg barmaid named Bettina who adored John and who used to do him special "favors" behind the bar between sets. Well, according to one site I visited, she was slim when she got knocked up by John, who insisted she get an abortion... which she did, and then supposedly developed some "glandular condition" that made her obese. Sheridan, however, told a different story... he said that Bettina was always very heavy and that she and John had a special bond. Apparently, she could get through to John when he was sad or upset like no one else, and they used to go out for long walks and to the movies.

Then I found this drawing and caption by Klaus:

John And Bettina - Often late at night, John was hanging over the bar, dead tired and sad. Bettina tried to cheer him up.

Wonder what the true story was with the two of them...
This was good! I think she looks like my kind of gal. And the fact that she spent so much time in the bar is testament right there- although current Fly would not doing as much of that as a devoted wife/mother. But old Fly would be chillin' with Bettina the barmaid any day any time. And I would demand her to bring John. Back off b1tches, he's mine.
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