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Oh no he didn't!!!! 4iiiis, you rascal.

Well, where do we begin on the never-ending, fascinating rollercoaster ride that is the John and Julia relationship? I mean, John obviously adored his mother. And there is no question that theirs was a complex and confusing relationship- especially for a hormonally-active adolescent to try and understand. No doubt she was beautiful, spirited, and the epitome of womanhood to some degree- after Brigitte Bardot of course.

John's feelings were far more normal than some would like to think, especially considering he didn't really know Julia as a mother as much as a fun, youthful aunt. I wouldn't even question the validity of this audio. That is definitely John I hear and he is recounting his youthful thoughts. Maybe in a more exaggerated description than the reality. Maybe not.

What does everyone else think?
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