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Post John & Linda

Originally Posted by Maia 66 View Post
I think the John/Linda story is a load of BS, too... but one possible correction to your argument above. Hasn't it always been said that John was Linda's favorite Beatle until she actually met him?

Anyway, my feeling is that GG and others make up stories like this because it feeds into their Beavis & Butthead-like fascination with the notion that "Linda was a slut." The poor lass had to endure "former groupie" before her name for so long that some idiots still can't let it go. (And NO, I'm not calling Linda a slut... I've got nothing but love for the woman.)
I read several times that John and Linda get along very well and that John was Linda's favourite Beatle. But I don't believe the story of GG that they had an affair behind Paul's back either. I just found it a funny passage of the book

Though, I read that Linda has tried to get closer to John first, but had no chance as John only had eyes for Yoko then. So she turned then to Paul. This I believe could be true. It would also explains why Linda didn't like Yoko, just because she was jealous that she got John.

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