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Originally Posted by maxeythecat View Post
Actually I think GG wrote that John went over to Paul's house one afternoon only to find that he'd gone out. Linda was doing a bit of housework or something to that effect and while she was in the process of making the bed, he came onto her and they both ended up under the sheets....seemed that JL'd been a bit curious about her and wanted to see what would happen if he made a play and well...there you go. In all honesty, this tale has about as much truth to it as Hitler saying that he wasn't gonna invade Poland..simply stated it's absolute BULLSHIT. That stupid bugger doesn't have an honest bone in his body and to call him a hack is being kind.
I agree 150% on GG and his credibility.

I must look for my glorious GG meme that said it all in no uncertain terms.

However, I wanted to throw some speculation out there because, after all, we're good for that on Menlove. Discussion is the basis of everything here.
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