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Originally Posted by Fly View Post
Ok, she doesn't look notably younger but she looks kind of like an older teenager due to her under-developed body and face. Anyways, I don't care about that so much as the fact that the woman couldn't handle John. Look at him crying in that picture with her. He was probably embarrassed over some drunk episode and needed to be told, "Stop that sh** you are making a fool out of yourself" but May was probably like, "Oh John. You poor baby." And he already knows it's not a good thing- what you WANT to hear and what you NEED to hear are two entirely different matters. And May was giving him plenty of the former and little-to-none of the latter.

That's why Yoko was always the perfect match for John and vice versa. She knew how to handle him, and she loved him and wanted what was best for him in the long-run. Not just for the night, so he wouldn't lose it or fall off the wagon again.
Now that you mention it: May looks indeed a bit like an "older teenager", but under-develooped ? I'd say she just looked younger than her real age, no reason to be jealous, aren't you ?

John doesn't look very comfortable in the picture; like as if he was embarrassed; still he looked great during that period I don't think that May couldn't handle him at all, otherwise they wouldn't have stayed together for over a year. But May did have problems when John was drinking to much; I guess she was overburdened with that, but she certainly didn't encourage him to do so either.

Yoko had a "stronger hand" than May, and I admit that John NEEDED that for sure, which probably was a reason for the breakup with May (unfortunately).

And what your remark "not just for the night" concerns... oh well, this never was the highest attribute of Yoko, I guess... *and runs quickly away...*

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