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Originally Posted by NaomiMcCartney
beatlemad Posted:
NaomiMcCartney Posted:
Shouldn't this be in And Your Bird Can Sing?

[/ QUOTE ]

Does it matter?

[/ QUOTE ] Well I posted my topic about songs that have the beatles mentioned in the song or beatle related in the song that don't include the title, and I put it in abby road since this topic is here in abby road, and it got moved to And Your Bird Can Sing. It's not the same topic, but it's simular, so I figured it would get moved as well.

I didn't move that topic you started, Naomi, I closed it and redirected people here. Maybe Harb moved it, I don't know...all I know is it was open in Abbey Road and I closed it because we don't need two of these topics. We are still getting used to the new forum features, and my guess is that moving a topic does not automatically close the first one, hence the confusion.

And I don't think this has to be moved, frankly, it's fine here.
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