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Default Songs with Beatles in the title

(taken from

We Love The Beatles - Vernon Girls/Carefrees/Pebbles
Letter To The Beatles - Four Preps/Picasso Trio
Nur Keine Beatles Frisur - Gerd Bottcher
Beatles - Alan Gordon The Extragordonary Banda
Pop Hates The Beatles - Allan Sherman
Introducing The Beatles To Monkey Land - Del Randle
I'm Better Than The Beatles - Brad Bernich
Something About The Beatles - Stackridge
Beatles Memory - Philippe Chatel/Polad Bol-Bool Ogly
The Beatles Thing - Moran
Chasing The Beatles - Hindu Rodeo
The Beatles - Gary Burton Quartet
The Beatles Revival Song - Beatles Revival Band
The Beatles Pledge Of Allegiance - David Peel and the Apple Band
We Wew Listen To The Beatles - Karnaval
Addressing To The Photo Of The Beatles - Scret
The Beatles Barber - Scott Douglas
Welcome Beatles - Lil' Sally and the Venturas
Saga Of The Beatles - Johnny and the Hurricanes
Beatles - Los Modulos/Daniel johnston
Bring Back The Beatles - David Peel
The Beatles - Peggy March/Donne Lynn
The Beatles Got To Go - Keith & Ken
Wie Die Beatles Tragt Mein Bobby Seine Haare - Nichi & Nero
El Blue De Los Beatles - Santo & Johnny
Beatles Hymn - Pat & Tina Starr
Roll Over Beatles - Peter belli
I Dreamed I Was A Beatle - Runaway Kellum
Yoko Killed The Beatles - Juvenocrazy
Get Back Beatles - Gerard Kenny
The Beatles Song - Japanese Beatles
Bring Back My Beatles (To Me) - Bonnie Brooks
Beatles Please Come Back - Grig Parker
Beatles - Karel Gott/Forbes
I Want The Beatles For Christmas - Jackie & Jill
Beatles/Best Ex-Beatles - Charlie
El Stomp De Los Beatles - Santo & Johnnhy
Come Back Beatles - Lipstick
Christmas With The Beatles - Judy and the Duets
Beatles Song - Sense Field
Beatles, Rolling Stones e Bob Dylan - Elio e la storie Tese
The Beatles March (A Funeral Dirge) - Eddie Addison
Turn On The Beatles Loud! - Deti
We Love You, Beatles - Sweet Sixteen
Beatlesque - Richard Orange
The Beatles Are Coming! - Joycee Germain
The Beatles Move - Manchesters
The Beatles Is Back - Lenore King
Ban The Beatles - Matt McGuinn
Bigger Than The Beatles - Joe Diffie
Je Beatles En De Buren - Alda
About The Beatles - Slovesnik
Beatles, You Bug Me - Bug Men
C'Era Un Ragazzo Che Come Me Amava i Beatles e I Rolling Stones - Gianni Morandi
Nosso Abraço Aos Beatles aos Rolling Stones - Incríveis
Chiedi Chi Erano I Beatles - Lucio Dalla e Gianni Morandi
História dos Beatles - Ministars
Beatles And Stones - House Of Love
Era Um Garoto Que, Como Eu, Amava Os Beatles e Os Rolling Stones - Engenheiros do Hawaii/Incríveis
Ode To The Beatles - Quarteto 1111
The Beatles Tune (Tomorrow Never Knows) - David Lee Roth
The Beatles - Edwyn Collins
Beatles Forever - Electric Ligh Orchestra
When The Beatles Hit America - John Wesley Harding
Jesus And The Beatles - William Pears
Beatles Reunion Blues - Mike Scott
Saudade dos Beatles - Zéxé di Carmargo & Luciano

"BEATLE" (singular)

Quiero Ser Beatle - Andres Pajares
Apple Beatle Foursome - David Peel
My Ladybug Stay Away From The Beatles - Dean taylor
Little Beatle Boy - Angels
Beatle Crazy - Bill Clifton
All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle - Dora Bryan
I Ain't No Beatle - Gary/Sarders/Jack White
My Gurl's Been Bitten By The Beatle Song - Annie and the Orphans
Beatle Blues - Scramblers
Mein Beatle baby - Flamingo
Beatle Bones 'N' Smoking Stones - Captain Beefhart
I Want To Be A Beatle - Bobby Wilding/Gene Cornish
Bring Me A Beatle For Christmas - Cindy Mella
The Beatle Flying Saucer - Ed Solomon
We Wanna Marry A Beatle - Carol Connors
Through The Eyes Of A Beatle - Frost
I Dreamed I Was A Beatle - Murry Kellum
Beatle Maniacs - Ray Ruff
The Boy With The Beatle Haircut - Swans
Beatle Bouce - Bobby Comstock
A Beatle I Want To be - Sonny Curtis
A Beatle Meets A Ladybug - Paula Lemmont
Beatle Tribute - Billy Preston
Beatle Rap - Qworymen
My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut - Donna Lynn
Beatlemania - Jack Nitzsche
No Bed For Beatle John - Yoko Ono
Beatlemania - Newfast Automatic Daffodils
Are You A Beatle Or A Rolling Stone? - Delaney and Bonnie
Discobeatlemania - DBM
Beatle Stomp - Bob Moline
Beatle Walk - Dave Hamilton
Beatlemania Blues - Roaches
Beatle Fine - Murray The K
Ballad For A Beatle - Sonny Curtis
Beatlemania - Erasmo Carlos
Beatle City - Don Woods


Abrace Paul McCartney por Mim - Joyce
Johnny McCartney - Leno
I'm Old As Paul McCartney - Mike Berry
Paul McCartney - Tony Hazzard
Et Paul Chantait Yesterday - Michel Delpech
Saint Paul - Terry Kurpest
A Letter To Paul - Tracy Steel
Mr. Paul McCartney - Marianne Rosenberg
Paul McCartney Is Going To See Us - Deti
Hello, Paul! - Valery Yarushin
So Long, Paul - Werbley Finster (Jose Feliciano)
Ballad Of Paul - Mystery Tour
The Ballad Of James Paul McCartney - David Peel
Brother Paul - Billy Shears and the All-Americans


Linda - Jan and Dean
Lovely Linda - Paul McCartney


Requiem (In Memory Of John Lennon) - Avtograf
If Lennon Were Alive - Dr. Bajan & Brain Drain
To Mr. Lennon - Ruja
Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) - Queen
John Lennon Is Watching Me & You - Back Pack
Keep John Lennon In America - David Peel
Wish We Had lennon - Libido Slaves
The Brain Of John lennon - Toxico
Rest In Peace, John Lennon - Juan Hernandez
Who Killed John Lennon - Ellis Paul
John Lennon's Guitar - Barclay james Harvest
John Lennon - Hamell On Trial
Tell Me, My Friend (In Memory Of John Lennon) - Mashina Vremeni
The Immigrant (Dedicated To John Lennon) - Neil Sedaka
John Lennon Is Tired - Blue Whale
John Winston (Lennon) - Quarrymen
I Just Shot John Lennon - Cranberries
Las Gafas de Lennon - Pedro Guerra
Comentário a Respeito de John - Belchior
Como Queria John Lennon - Banda Black Rio
Eu Queria Ser John Lennon - Odair José
Pra John - Tunai
Pro John - Ney Matogrosso
Brother John - Rosa Maria


Dear Yoko - John Lennon
Yoko - Tony Hatch
Oh Yoko - John Lennon
Yoko Killed The Beatles - Juvenocracy
Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies
I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono - Dar Williams
Naquela Noite com Yoko - Simone
Yoko Ono - Rita Lee


You Can't Go Far Without A Guitar (Unless You're Ringo Starr) - Neil Sheppard
Ringo Ringo Little Star - Al Fisher and Lou Marks
Ringo Bells - Three Blond Mice
Like Ringo - Dick Lord
Ringo Comes To Town - Chug and Doug
Ringo's Beat - Ella Fitzgerald
What's Wrong With Ringo - Bom Bons
Ringo For President - Rolf Harris/Young World Singers
Santa Bring Me Ringo - Christine Hunter
Go Go With Ringo - Whippets
Ringo Ringo - Darlene Terri
Ringo Is God Is Acid - Steve Dirkx
Twinkle Ywinkle Ringo Starr - James Kochalka Superstar
(Thought I Feel Like) Ringo Starr - Badger
Treat Him Tender Maureen (Now That Ringo Belongs To You) - Angie and the Chicklettes
My Friend Ringo - Young Frash Fellows
There's No More Ringo Starr - Harry Nilsson
Ringo - Weekends/Car and the Haircuts/Starlettes
Ringo Did It - Veronica Lee
A Tribute To Ringo Starr - Larry Finegan
Ringo Boy - Dorie Peyton
Ringo I Love You - Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher)/Stereo Total
Ringo's Theme - George Martin
Total Ringo - Happy Mondays
R (Is For Ringo) - Tina Ferrer
My Ringo - Rainbows
Ringo And The Boys - Comedian Slovene
Ringo-Deer - Garry Ferrier
Like Ringo - Dick Lord


George Harrison - Udi Subudi
Preciso De Ti (No Dia da Morte de George Harrison) - Fernando Tordo


The Ballad Of John And Yoko - Beatles/Teenage Fan Club/Percy Faith/Love/ Hootie & the Blowfish/Persuasions/Dave Edmunds
Between John And Yoko - Easy
Julia - Beatles
Don't Worry Kyoko - Plastic Ono Band
John, Paul, George & Ringo - Bulldogs
Para Milton, Lennon e McCartney - Lula Barboza
Paul, George, John & Ringo (All The Way To The Bank) - Al Fisher and Lou Marks
The Beatles - John, Paul, George Und Ringo - Peggy March
John, George, Ringo & Paul - Liverpool Express
Para Lennon e McCartney - Simone/Milton Nascimento/Affonsinho/Friends From Rio/Elis Regina
Let John And Yoko Stay In The USA - Justice Department
In The Sky - John Lennon
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