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The tattoo is delayed :( This week has been VERY busy im taking care of a new baby rat thats 4 weeks old that i got on tuseday. We are getting ready for another little dog (my mom has her hopes up) I had freinds over i went off island
i desided that since the tattoo place is closing for the winter. the tattoo shop owner is living off island for the cold season and will return in spring.
I desided I will go to the place where I got my first tattoo the tattoo artist was a man in his 50's highly expereinced and has been tattooing for years.
Next off-Island trip. Bob Toner is the artist and dose tattoos quick and painless with outstanding results. (mine took 15-20 minutes That shop is run by 2 young girls in there 20's there licenced there professional and the shop looks like a doctors office not an underground dark dank place. its nice.
but im going back to the tattoo shop on Vancover Island.
I will post when I get the tat. everyone will think im grabbing attention if i keep talking about it and not actualy doing it.

By the way, If your a girl tattoo's dont hurt that bad. Get a more experinced tattoo artist (tatooing for over 10 years) amature artists tend to push harder with the needle so the skin will raise like a scar and than a blind person could feel it like brail. Ami James from Miami Ink metioned that (miami ink is a show on tv a really good show)
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