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I agree, Maia, that Sean turned out remarkably normal considering all he went through. And often people just presume things about Sean and his music, or his motives for being a musician, that are totally false. From all accounts that I have read, and even from what a friend who has met him told me, Sean is a pretty cool guy.

I like what Julian wrote as well. I think that period about a decade or so ago when Julian was really laying into John was necessary for him. I think he had some pent up anger that he needed to release, and now that he did he can see things from a different perspective. I often read these elaborate stories about Julian's relationship with his father- which just takes a quote or two from him and twists it into something completely overblown- and you'd think he didn't care much for him altogether. But the truth is Julian loved/loves John and adores his music and was inspired almost directly by his father. I think what he wrote is very simply beautiful and touching.

Thanks so much for posting this!

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