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Default The Beatles in Pinky and the Brain

I think one of my favorite TV shows that the Beatles were referenced in was a Pinky and the Brain episode. Pinky is the Mousarishi and this band, "the feebles", meets a woman named yoyonono. It is about the funniest depiction of yoko I have ever seen. Not to mention as she "sings" it goes through and all of the Beatles are like "its awful" "its terrible" (it gets to john and he says) "I love her!"
There are more references in that episode as well.. They sing the song, "All we are saying... is take off your pants" and "All you need is lunch".

Angry Beavers did a show about the Beatles too. One of them hosts a press conference in his bed, and he says that they are going to bigger than sliced bread (haha) and I think the title of his album is the Bark album.

and one more thing.. haha
In an episdoe of Courage the Cowardly dog, ringo does the voice of the Duck brothers :)

Silly tv shows!
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