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Yes, eclectic is only one of the adjectives that describes our Johnny...

On a book-related note, I found this quote from John from a 1975 Rolling Stone interview.

Q: Do you think much of yourself as an artist at fifty or sixty?

John: I never see meself as not an artist. I never let meself believe that an artist can run dry. I've always had this vision of bein' sixty and writing children's books. I don't know why. It'd be a strange thing for a person who doesn't really have much to do with children. I've always had that feeling of giving what Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island gave to me at age seven and eight. The books that really opened my whole being.
Damn! Could you imagine the brilliant children's books he could have written??? (I would have made them required reading for all students at my school! )

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